Since static is using send, staticCache is not working anymore #748

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Since static is using send (3ea7fa2), staticCache is not working anymore. The reason is that staticCache waits for static event, which is not emitted anymore. send emitts stream, but it does on this and not req.

staticCache is useful when using on Heroku to speed-up slow disc access.

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tj commented Feb 14, 2013

we should eventually deprecate staticCache anyway, node is bad for this sort of thing, plus multi-node caches are highly inefficient compared to something like varnish, it was more of a proof of concept but I regret adding it haha


Ah, no. It is really useful for small sites on Heroku, where you do not have S3 and you have only one node.js process. There it is great because it does not hit their slow disk. Sure, for bigger problems you need bigger tools, but for small, this is just perfect. (Especially because you do not have to pay for some extra memcached or whatever Heroku add-ons.)


staticCache will be removed in v3

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