Added Expires header (max one year) for #410 #416

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ryanrolds commented Nov 19, 2011

Expires header for static. Enforcing maximum of one year per RFC2616 14.21. This wont affect Control-Cache, as control ALWAYS supersedes Expires. This is really legacy support for HTTP/1.0 agents that haven't been patched to support max-age.

saich commented Nov 30, 2011

I'd prefer that setting Expires heading can be controlled from options parameter, a boolean...

In my usual workflow, I set "Expires" on CSS, JS & images, (no the browser can use them directly from cache) but not on static HTML pages (these pages changes sometimes, and hence I want the browser contact me with the ETag it have). This is because I don't want to change the URLs of static pages (though I can change the URLs of JS & CSS).


jonathanong commented Oct 22, 2013

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