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Contribution Guide

This page describes how to contribute changes to CSS Beautify.

Please do not create a pull request without reading this guide first. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the pull request.


Before we can accept any contributions, you need to sign Contributor License Agreement. You can do that using Sencha Labs online CLA.

Coding Policies

Make sure that your code passes JSLint checks.

Make sure your patch does break existing tests (open test/index.html in a web browser).

If you add a new feature, create a new test associated with that. Feature or enhancement pull request without a corresponding test will not be merged.

Pull Request

For the actual contribution, please use Github pull request workflow.

Please do not create a pull request for multiple unrelated commits. It is strongly recommended to create a topic branch and make the commits as atomic as possible for the merge. This makes it easy to review all the changes.