Initialization options

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Options can be passed to jQT's object constructor:

var jQT = new $.jQT({    // `new` keyword is now mandatory (was optional before rc6)
   option: value


  • option: default -- description.


  • addGlossToIcon: true -- Set to false to prevent automatic glossy button effect on icon.
  • backSelector: '.back, .cancel, .goback' -- A CSS selector for back links/buttons. When clicked, the page history goes back one, automatically reversing whichever entrance animation was used.
  • cacheGetRequests: true -- Automatically caches GET requests, so subsequent taps reference the pre-loaded views.
  • cubeSelector: '.cube' -- Link selector for a cube animation.
  • dissolveSelector: '.dissolve' -- Link selector for a dissolve animation.
  • fadeSelector: '.fade' -- Link selector for a fade animation.
  • fixedViewport: true - Removes the user's ability to scale the page. Ensures the site behaves more like an application.
  • flipSelector: '.flip' - Link selector for a 3d flip animation.
  • formSelector: 'form' - Sets which forms are automatically submitted via Ajax.
  • fullScreen: true - The website will become a fullscreen application when saved to a user's home screen. Set to false to disable.
  • fullScreenClass: 'fullscreen' - Adds a class to the <body> when running in full-screen mode, to allow for easy detection and styling. Set to false to disable.
  • icon: false - Sets the home screen icon for the application. To use, pass a string path for a 57x57px PNG. Ex: icon: 'images/appicon.png'
  • popSelector: '.pop' - Link selector for a pop animation.
  • preloadImages: false - Pass an array of image paths to load them before page loads. Ex: ['images/link_over.png', 'images/link_select.png']
  • slideSelector: 'body > * > ul li a' - Link selector for the default slide-left transition. By default applies to all links within an unordered list. Accepts any jQuery-capable selector 'li > a, a:not(.dontslide)', etc.
  • slideupSelector: '.slideup' - Link selector for a slide up animation.
  • startupScreen: null - Pass a string path to a 320px x 460px startup screen for full screen apps.
  • statusBar: 'default' - Styles the status bar when running as a fullscreen app. Other options are black, and black-translucent.
  • submitSelector: '.submit' - Selector which, when clicked, will submit its parent form (and close keyboard if open).
  • swapSelector: '.swap' -- Link selector for 3d swap animation.
  • touchSelector: 'a, .touch' - Selector for items which are automatically given expanded touch events. This makes ordinary links more responsive and provides trigger events like swipe
  • useAnimations: true -- Set to false to disable all animations.
  • useFastTouch: (Experimental) true -- Removes ~350ms onClick delay when tapping a link (use in conjunction with the .tap() event)
  • useTouchScroll: (Experimental) true -- Adds support for iOS5 scrolling. Set to false to disable.
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