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Documentation for JSDuck - API documentation generator for Sencha (JavaScript frameworks.)


Overview of a bit more ad-hoc and experimental features:

  • Welcome page - Adding an index page for the generated docs.
  • [Videos] - Creating the videos page.
  • Examples - Creating the examples page.
  • Popup menu - Menu for navigating between different documentation projects.

Customizing JSDuck:

  • Custom tags - The simplest way to add new functionality to JSDuck.
  • Hacking - If you really want to get down and dirty.

And a few more important resources:

  • FAQ - Read this before submitting bugs.
  • Changelog - Overview of all the released versions.


Detailed docs for using all the builtin tags:

Also for the inline tags:

Various tags use {TypeDefinitions}, the syntax for these is described here:

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