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@aside guide <name>
@aside video <name>
@aside example <name>

Creates a special type of cross-references to guide, video or example from class documentation.

For example given these @aside tags:

 * @class Ext.Class
 * Handles class creation throughout the framework.
 * @aside guide class-system-guide
 * @aside video class-system-video

And given that guides.json and videos.json contain the following entries:

// in guides.json:
    "name": "class-system-guide",
    "title": "The Class System",
    "description": "Tells you all you need to know..."

// in videos.json:
    "id": "33437222",
    "name": "class-system-video",
    "title": "Class System",
    "description": "A complete picture of everything...",
    "thumb": "http://b.vimeocdn.com/ts/226/999/226999489_200.jpg"

The documentation of Ext.Class will display the following blocks of additional info:

Screenshot demonstrating @aside

See the Advanced Usage guide for more details on guides, videos, and examples config files.