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Defines aliases for the class name.


 * @class Ext.grid.Panel
 * The grid of data.
 * @alias widget.grid
 * @alias widget.gridpanel

There are 3 recognized prefixes: widget, plugin, feature. These are mapped to xtype, ptype and ftype respectively.

This means the above code will result in xtype: grid, gridpanel in generated documentation. Similarly @alias will result in ftype: foo, and @alias in ptype: bar. For these three things shortcut tags are also available: @xtype, @ptype, @ftype.

Any other prefixes may also be used, but for them no mapping is done. So @alias store.json will result in store: json.


This tag is auto-detected when class comment is right above Ext.define which contains alias:. The following code is equivalent of the above one:

 * The grid of data.
Ext.define("Ext.panel.Table", {
    alias: [

Otherwise the auto-detection behaves just like with @alternateClassName tag.

Use as equivalent to @inheritdoc

For backwards compatibility @alias can be used for copying documentation from another member. See @inheritdoc for details.

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