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@alternateClassName OtherClassName

Defines an alternate name for class. To be used inside class documentation.


 * @class Ext.panel.Panel
 * A simple panel class.
 * @alternateClassName Ext.Panel
 * @alternateClassName XPanel


This tag is auto-detected when class comment is right above Ext.define which contains alternateClassName:. The following code is equivalent of the above one:

 * A simple panel class.
Ext.define("Ext.panel.Panel", {
    alternateClassName: ["Ext.Panel", "XPanel"]

Note: when using @alternateClassName tag explicitly, it will override any alternateClassName: properties auto-detected from source code. This means you can't just use one @alternateClassName to document one additional alternate name to those detected from source, instead you have to document all your alternate names with @alternateClassName tags.

If you want to avoid the auto-detection and have a class with no alternate class names at all, use the @ignore tag:

/** @ignore */
alternateClassName: ["Ext.Panel", "XPanel"]
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