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@scss mixin

Rene Saarsoo edited this page Apr 17, 2015 · 7 revisions

Documents an SCSS mixin.

There currently is no @scss-mixin tag, it's all about auto-detection.


 * Creates an awesome button.
 * @param {string} $ui-label The name of the UI being created.
 * @param {color} [$color=red] Base color for the UI.
@mixin my-button($ui-label, $color: red) {

Parameters are documented just like in methods with @param tag. Currently there is no auto-detection of parameters - all of them have to be specified manually - sorry for that.

Note that SCSS mixins need to be associated with JavaScript classes through placing @class doc-comment at the top of the file.

NB! SCSS support in JSDuck is still experimental and subject to change.

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