Config file

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Instead of listing oh-so-many JSDuck options on command line you can create a JSON config file like this:

    "--title": "My personal docs",
    "--welcome": "welcome.html",
    "--warnings": ["-link", "-no_doc"],
    "--seo": true,
    "--": [
  • All the listed paths will be taken relative to the config file itself.
  • The special "--" option is for passing the input files.
  • Boolean options (without parameters) must have value true.
  • To pass an option multiple times, list its values in an array.

You pass this file to JSDuck using the --config option:

$ jsduck --config=myconfig.json

Or you could save it as jsduck.json and you'll be able to run JSDuck without any options at all when this file is in the current dir:

$ jsduck

The result is as if you had called JSDuck with the following options:

$ jsduck --title="My personal docs" \
         --welcome="welcome.html" \
         --warnings=-link \
         --warnings=-no_doc \
         --seo \
         src/Foo.js src/Bar.js src/Baz.js