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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
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<title>Sencha Labs &mdash; Open Source projects which push the limits of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript</title>
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<div class="wrapper">
<!-- Start: Header -->
<header class="global col-24">
<h1><a href="/" title="Sencha:Labs">&nbsp;Labs</a></h1>
<a href="Javascript:void(0);" id="about">?</a>
<!-- Start: Main -->
<article class="col-24">
<section id="intro">
<h2 class="prefix-1 suffix-1"><span>Sencha Labs</span> is a non-profit foundation created to support open source projects affiliated with <a href="">Sencha</a>. These projects have repositories hosted on a community-accessible service, like <a href="">GitHub</a>, and have their development funded by Sencha.
<h2 class="prefix-1 suffix-1">If you are interested in contributing your project to Sencha Labs, <a href="">let us know!</a> We are most excited by projects which push the boundaries of what HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can do.</h2>
<div class="prefix-1">
<a href="Javascript:toggleInfoBox();" class="more">Return to projects</a>
<!-- Start: Carousel -->
<section id="carousel">
<div id="container" class="active">
<!-- Start: jQTouch -->
<div class="feature" id="project-jqtouch" data-preview="./assets/images/project-jqtouch-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<p>A JavaScript framework which provides lightweight animations and mobile UI with jQuery or Zepto.</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<!-- Start: Raphael -->
<div class="feature" id="project-raphael" data-preview="./assets/images/project-raphael-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<p>A JavaScript library for cross-browser vector graphics on the web.</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<!-- Start: Connect -->
<div class="feature" id="project-connect" data-preview="./assets/images/project-connect-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<p>An application framework that combines Rack and Node.js to provide a lean, event-driven application server.</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<!-- Start: AppInspector -->
<div class="feature" id="project-appinspector" data-preview="./assets/images/project-appinspector-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<header><h1>App Inspector<small>for Sencha</small></h1></header>
<p>A Google Chrome&trade; Dev Tools extension for debugging Sencha Applications</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<!-- Start: InfoVis -->
<div class="feature" id="project-infovis" data-preview="./assets/images/project-infovis-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<p>A JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive data visualizations for the web.</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<!-- Start: PhiloGL -->
<div class="feature" id="project-philogl" data-preview="./assets/images/project-philogl-p.jpg">
<section class="info">
<p>A WebGL Framework for data visualization, creative coding and game development.</p>
<a href="" class="more">View Project</a>
<div id="previews"></div>
<!-- Start: Footer -->
<footer class="global col-24">
<section id="copyright">&copy; 2012 Sencha Labs &middot; <a href="">Learn more about Sencha&#8217;s HTML5 platform &raquo;</a></section>
<section id="controls">
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