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Explicitly require config.js since node wants it now.

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commit afbf6f6e39362a803215012ec14eef34735e302a 1 parent e3e0a0b
@creationix creationix authored
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  1. +1 −1  bin/spark
2  bin/spark
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ function start() {
// Detect config.js
if (exists('./config.js')) {
log('detected config.js');
- loadConfig('./config');
+ loadConfig('./config.js');
// Application path

4 comments on commit afbf6f6


I was about to fork this & correct this line, since Node v0.1.102 complains:

throw new Error("No longer accepting filename extension in module names");
Error: No longer accepting filename extension in module names
at findModulePath (module:122:11)
at loadModule (module:241:20)
at require (module:374:12)
at loadConfig (/var/www/deploy/bin/spark:179:18)
at start (/var/www/deploy/bin/spark:317:9)
at parseArguments (/var/www/deploy/bin/spark:506:13)
at Object. (/var/www/deploy/bin/spark:512:29)
at Module._compile (module:423:23)
at Module._loadScriptSync (module:433:8)
at Module.loadSync (module:306:10)


woah old version of node :p


I guess I'll have to contribute another x86_64 to :)


yeah its getting annoying to keep those up to date lol need something automated .. sucks ryan isnt using the CI to do that

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