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PHP CodeSniffer for Emacs with flymake
Emacs Lisp
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I recommend that you use the flycheck.

Because, you can run the checker more than one. Of course, including phpcs.


PHP CodeSniffer for Emacs with flymake-mode.

To use PHP CodeSniffer with Emacs, you will need PHP CodeSniffer installed.

You should be able to run

$ phpcs

and, you'll also need to install flymake-easy.


You'll need to add the directory containing flymake-phpcs.el to your load-path.

If not, also add to your config

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/path/to/flymake-phpcs.el")

Add to your Emacs config

(require 'flymake-phpcs)
(add-hook 'php-mode-hook 'flymake-phpcs-load)

How to customize the Coding Standard

 '(flymake-phpcs-standard "PSR2"))


 '(flymake-phpcs-standard "/path/to/MyStandard"))

phpcs command location

By default, the location of the phpcs command is searched.

 '(flymake-phpcs-command "/path/to/phpcs"))

Where to create temporary copy

one of 'tempdir or 'inplace (default).

 '(flymake-phpcs-location 'tempdir))
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