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ReactNativeSyncManagerSample update Github repo path Jun 11, 2019

Sample JavaScript React-Native Redux with SyncManager

SendBird React-Native sample using SendBird SDK and SyncManager.


Run the sample

  1. Install React Native CLI.

     npm install -g react-native-cli
  2. Install required packages.

     npm install
     react-native link
  3. (iOS only) Pod install.

     cd ios
     pod install
  4. (iOS only) Add library in XCode

  • Open XCode and load workspace
  • Right click to 'Libraries' > Add Files to "Project Name" > select node_modules/react-native/Libraries/PushNotificationIOS/RCTPushNotification.xcodeproj
  • Project Settings > Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries > Add libRCTPushNotification.a
  1. Run the sample. Before starting, you should launch device amulator (or actual device) to run the sample in Android. This sample is not available for real device in iOS due to Apple Development Policy. In order to run React Native sample in real device, follow React Native official guide for your own setup.

     react-native run-android
     react-native run-ios
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