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SendBird JavaScript Web Basic Sample with SyncManager

This is full screen chat sample like Slack using SendBird SDK for desktop browsers. SyncManager is included and applied.


SyncManager is a support add-on for SendBird SDK. Major benefits of SyncManager are,

  • Local cache integrated: store channel/message data in local storage for fast view loading.
  • Event-driven data handling: subscribe channel/message event like insert, update, remove at a single spot in order to apply data event to view.

Check out Basic Sample with SyncManager which is similar to Basic Sample but SyncManager integrated. For more information about SyncManager, please refer to SyncManager README.


You can try out a live demo from the link here.

Run the sample

  1. Install packages

Require that you have Node v8.x+ installed.

npm install
  1. Run
npm start

Customizing the sample

If you want to put some changes into the sample, you should build it using webpack.

  1. Install packages

Require that you have Node.js v8.x+ installed.

npm install
  1. Modify files If you want to change APP_ID, change APP_ID in const.js to the other APP_ID you want.
    You can test the sample with local server by running the following command.
npm run start:dev
  1. Build the sample When the modification is complete, you'll need to bundle the file using webpack. The bundled files are created in the dist folder. Please check webpack.config.js for settings.
npm run build
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