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Dynamic templates is beta functionality, and you may not have access.

Welcome to dynamic template examples! For more information about how to send with a dynamic template, check out the documentation

Using these examples

Each folder contains one HTML file and one or more examples of JSON data. Paste the HTML and JSON data into your account for easy use. Use the HTML in the CODE section, and use the JSON in the TEST DATA section.

Basic Examples

These examples make use of the basic helpers. Use these to get started with handlebars quickly.

Transactional request

Use this example for transactional email - like password resets or account activations.

Different Languages

Use this example if you want to have one email template that dynamically updates based on the language of the recipient. This template shows how you can have a single email with content in multiple languages.


Use this example to create a newsletter. It automatically creates the correct formatting for each story you want to share.


This is an example receipt. It can automatically adjust based on the number of items bought. It also has a place for the customers delivery address.

Special Sale

This is a sales email. It is best for advertising groups of items that are for sale rather than individual items.

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