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@@ -21,11 +21,11 @@ sendgrid.send({
And you're done!
### Digging in ###
-There are two objects that you really need to know to get started:
+There are two objects that you need to know to get started:
+ SendGrid
+ Email
-#### Email ####
+### Email ###
Email is the object that will help you easily perpare your message to be
To get started create an Email object
@@ -124,7 +124,36 @@ email.addFile('secret.txt', '/path/to/file');
More examples can be find in the test
+### SendGrid ###
+The SendGrid object handles holding your credentials as well as sending your mail.
+Here's the things you'll need to know
+// Create a new SendGrid object with your credentials
+var sendgrid = new SendGrid(api_user, api_key);
+When sending an email you can either use .send or .smtp to send via web-api or smtp.
+The email object you pass is in the same, the transport method you choose will handing
+setting up the object and values accordingly, leaving less for you to worry about.
+If you'd rather not use the Email object then you can always pass in an simple object
+with the appropriate values set
+// Send an email via web api
+// email can be an Email object or a simple hash
+// with the info required
+sendgrid.send(email, function(success, message) {
+ // if success do something, or log the messsage
+// Send via smtp
+// again, email can be the Email object or a simple hash
+sendgrid.smtp(email, function(success, message) {
+ // logic based on success
## Tests ##
If you're interested in seeing some sample code or just want to run the
test then here's what you need to know.

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