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As of May 1, 2016, SendGrid will no longer support this library.

Please direct any questions to the Developer Experience team.

Build Status

#sendgrid-perl Send emails via SendGrid. Provides wrapper for custom SMTP API fields and allows for easy manipulation of filter/app settings.

Written by Tim Jenkins.

#License Licensed under the MIT License.

#Install We are currently working on getting this module on CPAN. In the meantime, you can install from the included archive.

git clone
cd sendgrid-perl
sudo cpanm SendGrid-1.3.tar.gz

You can also build the archive yourself:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make dist

#Basic usage

For authentication, please use either your SendGrid credentials or an API key.

use warnings;
use strict;

use Email::SendGrid;
use Email::SendGrid::Transport::REST;

my $sg = Email::SendGrid->new( from => '',
                              to => '',
                              subject => 'Testing',
                              text => "Some text\n",
                              html => '<html><body>Some html
                                                  <a href="">SG</a>
                                       </body></html>' );

#disable click tracking filter for this request

#turn on the unsubscribe filter here with custom values
$sg->enableUnsubscribe( text => "Unsubscribe here: <% %>", html => "Unsubscribe <% here %>" );

#set a category
$sg->header->setCategory('first contact');

#add unique arguments
$sg->header->addUniqueIdentifier( customer => '12345', location => 'somewhere' );

my $trans = Email::SendGrid::Transport::REST->new( username => 'sendgrid_username', password => 'sendgrid_password' );

my $error = $trans->deliver($sg);
die $error if ( $error );

#Advanced Usage For more detailed information, please refer to the perldocs.