seneye USB Device (SUD) Driver Developer Information
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seneye USB Device (SUD) Driver Developer Information


Welcome to the seneye USB Device (SUD) Driver Developer Information.

If you are looking for the the instructions for normal use of the SUD then please click here as you are in the wrong place.

The information in this repository provides all the details required to produce a stand-alone program to communicate with the SUD over USB. Source code examples are provided in ".NET" and "c" languages.


When the code is implemented sucessfully you will be able to:

  • Find the SUD on the host computer over USB
  • Obtain the serial number from the SUD
  • Receive a lightmeter reading from the SUD*
  • Call a reading of pH, NH3, in/out of water, & temperature from the SUD
  • Activate a seneye slide to the SUD

Full details can be found here

Example code

The example code provided functions in a command-line enviroment. No direct support is offered from seneye for development beyond the information in this repository.


The sample code is only compatible with a version 2 firmware SUD. If you are unsure which version of the fimware you have, you can E-mail the serial number of your device checked. The serial number is located on the label that is on the cable next to the USB connector.

* only avalible with the seneye Reef model