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Hacker News Bot Top Stories

Update May 2016: This bot is retired, have a look at its successor https://github.com/sengaya/hackernews-twitter-bot

This program is used to run a bot which posts the top stories of Hacker News to Twitter. It uses the unofficial HN API at http://api.ihackernews.com/ official HN API at https://github.com/HackerNews/API. The bot posts stories to Twitter that reach a certain rank "N" on Hacker News.

Follow @hn_bot_top1 to see the bot in action: https://twitter.com/hn_bot_top1


pip install python-twitter


The bot needs some credentials for posting to Twitter:

  • filename: hn-bot-top-stories.credentials
  • ini-style:
    consumer_key = ...
    consumer_secret = ...
    access_token_key = ...
    access_token_secret = ...
  • one section per bot (twitter account)


./hn-bot-top-stories N [...]

  • need at least one argument N
  • for multiple bots make sure to have a corresponding section in the credentials file
  • usually invoked by cron

Seen files

The program stores already posted stories in a simple file: seenN.db

Known Bugs

As this bot runs every 5 minutes and uses api.ihackernews.com (which is great, but quite often returns with an error 500) 2 minutes (in my setup via cron), it can happen that the bot misses stories that are on a certain rank only for a short time.


./hn-bot-top-stories 1 5 30

  • requires 3 Twitter credentials (section [hn-bot-top1], [hn-bot-top5] and [hn-bot-top30])
  • creates 3 seen files (seen1.db, seen5.db and seen30.db)
  • fetch a list of current top stories
  • if rank 1 is not in seen1.db, fetch story and post it to Twitter
  • repeat this for rank 1-5 and 1-30