App Engine Getting Started with Java runtime
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Sample Web App to Demonstrate eBay Oauth

This sample shows you how to use eBay Oauth and deploy it in Google App Engine.

Before running the app

  1. Register a new Application in
  2. Update [DemoServlet] with the client_id and client_secret

Before you begin Google Cloud Deployment

  1. Download and install the Google Cloud SDK.

  2. Install and configure Apache Maven.

  3. Create a new Google Cloud Platform project, or use an existing one.

  4. Initialize the Cloud SDK.

    gcloud init
  5. Install the Cloud SDK app-engine-java component.

    gcloud components install app-engine-java

Deploying to App Engine

To run the application locally, use the Maven App Engine plugin.

mvn clean appengine:run

View the app at localhost:8080.

To deploy the app to App Engine, run

mvn clean appengine:deploy

After the deploy finishes, you can view your application at, where YOUR_PROJECT is your Google Cloud project ID. You can see the new version deployed on the App Engine section of the Google Cloud Console.