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(ns logic-examples.seq
(:refer-clojure :exclude [inc reify ==])
(:use [clojure.core.logic minikanren prelude nonrel match disequality]))
(defne prefixo [x y]
([[?a . ?xs] [?a . ?ys]] (prefixo ?xs ?ys))
([[] ?ys]))
(defn prefixo2 [x y]
(fresh [a]
(appendo x a y)))
(defne suffixo [x y]
([_ [?b . x]])
([_ [?b . ?ys]] (suffixo x ?ys))
([[] ?ys]))
(defn suffixo2 [x y]
(fresh [a]
(appendo a x y)))
(defn sublisto [x y]
(fresh [a]
(prefixo a y)
(suffixo x a)))
(defn sublisto2
"The list x (in sequence) appears in y"
[x y]
(fresh [a b c]
(appendo a b y)
(appendo x c b)))
(defn my-membero
"A (probably inefficient) function stating x is an element in y"
[x y]
(fresh [a b]
(appendo a (llist x b) y)))
(defn lasto
"Declares x as the last item in y"
[x y]
(fresh [a]
(appendo a [x] y)))
(defn adjacent
"Declares x and y as adjacent items in list z"
[x y z]
(fresh [a b]
((appendo a (llist x y b) z))
((appendo a (llist y x b) z)))))
(defne reverseo [xs ys]
([[] []])
([[?x . ?xs] _]
(fresh [a]
(reverseo ?xs a)
(appendo a [?x] ys))))