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A library of crypto implementations, for educational purposes
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library manual in Croatian

This was originally the documentation for the seminar project that CyFER
was coded for.
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CyFER - the cryptographic library

Cyfer is a portable low-level cryptographic library providing several
implementations of message digest, block and stream cipher and public-key
algorithms. The library is extremely modular, providing easy way to add or
modify algorithm implementations, or even separating the particular algorithm
from the library physically (suitable for embedded environments).

The library design concept emphasises on simplicity and elegance (of
both the algorithm implementations (if possible) and the support library
code), not maximizing performance or minimizing memory footprint. The algorithm
implementations are straightforward, so they can be used for educational

*WARNING*: Cyfer is provided with best intent to be useful and secure, but
with no warranty; it is not heavily tested and may contain numerous severe
bugs, flaws and holes. Do not use this if you want any security. *You should be
using tested, proven and certified cryptography implementation*, instead.

Author of Cyfer is Senko Rasic <>. Suggestions, bug
reports and any other feedback (to the above mail address) is welcomed
and appriciated.

Cyfer is free software. You may use and/or distribute it under the
terms of the BSD software license, see the file LICENSE for details.

For more documentation, visit the doc/ subdirectory. The complete API reference
documentation can be built using doxygen.
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