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Instant, anonymous chatrooms
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Speeka - instant, anonymous chatrooms

Speeka is a web application for creating instant, anonymous chatrooms, and is ideal for having quick conversations between people who aren't neccessarily on the same social or IM network.

Speeka is written in node.js using now.js framework. The client side is built using jQuery. Embedly is used for automatically embedding links posted in the chatroom.


Speeka requires node.js and the following modules: nowjs, paperboy, uuid.

Running Speeka

Since nowjs/socketio use websockets/flashsockets to connect the client directly with the server, you can't run run Speeka behind a reverse proxy that doesn't understand websockets.

In order to still be able to use it on a system that has port 80 served by a normal web browser, nowjs is pulled from the port 7070 (expecting the service to be listening there, and open to the public).

To customize this, change the port number in service.js as well as the script url in web/index.html.

If you're running your own copy of Speeka, please run your own service too, ie. don't connect to server.

Authors and Copyright

Speeka is open source and is licensed under a MIT-style license. See the AUTHORS.txt file for the list of authors.

Patches and pull requests are welcome!

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