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;; company-emacs-eclim.el --- an interface to the Eclipse IDE.
;; Copyright (C) 2009 Fredrik Appelberg
;; This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Contributors
;;; Conventions
;; Conventions used in this file: Name internal variables and functions
;; "eclim--<descriptive-name>", and name eclim command invocations
;; "eclim/command-name", like eclim/project-list.
;;; Description
;; company-emacs-eclim.el -- a company-mode backend that replaces company-eclim
;; To activate this backend, replace company-eclim with
;; company-emacs-eclim in the eclim-backends list, or call the
;; convenience function company-emacs-eclim-setup.
;;* Eclim Company
(require 'eclim)
(require 'eclim-java)
(require 'company)
(defvar cee--candidates nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'cee--candidates)
(defun company-emacs-eclim-setup ()
"Convenience function that adds company-emacs-eclim to the list
of available company backends."
(flet ((replace-recur (elt rpl lst)
(cond ((null lst) nil)
((listp (first lst)) (cons (replace-recur elt rpl (first lst))
(replace-recur elt rpl (rest lst))))
(t (cons (if (equal (first lst) elt) rpl (first lst))
(replace-recur elt rpl (rest lst)))))))
(let ((replaced (replace-recur 'company-eclim 'company-emacs-eclim company-backends)))
(setq company-backends
(if (eq replaced company-backends)
(cons 'company-emacs-eclim company-backends)
(defun cee--correct-completions (candidates)
"If we are lookup at a list of method call completions, check
if we have already typed part of this call."
(cond ((every (lambda (c) (string= "f" (eclim--completion-candidate-type c))) candidates)
;; When completing a method call that have alread been completed
;; up to the 'method(' point, eclim still reports the
;; completions as 'method(arg1, arg2, ...)', which is not what
;; company-mode expects.
(let ((common (try-completion "" (mapcar 'eclim--completion-candidate-doc candidates))))
(if (search-backward common (- (point) (length common)) t)
(mapcar (lambda (c)
(eclim--completion-candidate-type c)
(eclim--completion-candidate-class c)
(substring (eclim--completion-candidate-doc c) (length common))))
(t candidates)))
(defun cee--candidates (prefix)
"Calls eclim to get a list of matching completion candidates."
(interactive "d")
(let ((project-file (eclim--project-current-file))
(project-name (eclim--project-name)))
(setq cee--candidates (cee--correct-completions (eclim/java-complete))))
(let ((completion-ignore-case nil))
(all-completions prefix (mapcar 'eclim--completion-candidate-doc cee--candidates))))
(defun cee--lookup-candidate (lookup)
"Looks up the candidate record that matches the string inserted
by company-mode in the list of eclim-matches."
(find lookup cee--candidates
:key #'eclim--completion-candidate-doc
:test #'string=))
(defun company-emacs-eclim (command &optional arg &rest ignored)
"A `company-mode' back-end for eclim completion"
(case command
('prefix (and (derived-mode-p 'java-mode 'jde-mode)
(not (company-in-string-or-comment))
(or (company-grab-symbol) 'stop)))
('candidates (cee--candidates arg))
('meta (eclim--completion-candidate-doc (cee--lookup-candidate arg)))
('no-cache (equal arg ""))))
(defun cee--delete-backward (delim)
"Delete text backwards from point up to and including the part
of the buffer that matches DELIM. The search is bounded by
(let ((end (point))
(start (search-backward delim (- company-point 1) t)))
(when start
(delete-region start end))))
(defun cee--generic-args (candidate)
"If the doc string for this CANDIDATE is a generic arg list,
return a list of the arguments, otherwise return nil."
(let ((doc (eclim--completion-candidate-doc candidate)))
(if (string-match "\\(.*?<\\)\\(.*\\)>" doc)
(let ((class (match-string 1 doc))
(args (match-string 2 doc)))
(if (search-backward class 0 t)
(split-string args ",")))))))
(defun cee--method-call (candidate)
"If the doc string for this CANDIDATE is a method call argument
list, return a list of lists representing the type and
name of each argument."
(let ((doc (eclim--completion-candidate-doc candidate)))
(if (or (string-match "\\(.*\\)(\\(.*\\))" doc)
(string-match "\\(\\)\\(.*\\))" doc))
(mapcar (lambda (e) (split-string e " "))
(split-string (match-string 2 doc) ", " t)))))
(defun cee--join-list (lst glue)
"Utility function; returns a list based on LST with GLUE
inserted between each element."
(cond ((null lst) nil)
((null (rest lst)) lst)
(cons (first lst)
(cons glue (cee--join-list (rest lst) glue))))))
(defun cee--show-arg-list (start-delim args glue end-delim)
"Displays/inserts an argument list at point, using yasnippet if
(flet ((args-to-string (arg-list)
(apply 'concat
(when start-delim (list start-delim))
(cee--join-list arg-list glue)
(when end-delim (list end-delim))))))
(if (and eclim-use-yasnippet (featurep 'yasnippet))
(yas/expand-snippet (args-to-string
(loop for arg in args
for i from 1
collect (concat "${" (int-to-string i) ":" arg "}"))))
(insert (args-to-string args)))))
;; TODO: handle override/implementation of methods
;; TODO: handle constructor arguments
(defun cee--completion-finished (arg)
"Post-completion hook after running company-mode completions."
(let* ((candidate (cee--lookup-candidate arg))
(type (eclim--completion-candidate-type candidate)))
(when candidate
(if (string= "c" type)
;; If this is a class, first check if this is a completion of generic argumends
(let ((gen-args (cee--generic-args candidate)))
(if gen-args
(delete-region company-point (point))
(cee--show-arg-list nil gen-args ", " ">"))
;; otherwise, remove the doc string and insert an import statement
(cee--delete-backward " - ")
(eclim/execute-command "java_import_order" "-p")
(concat (eclim--completion-candidate-package candidate) "."
(eclim--completion-candidate-class candidate)))))))
;; Otherwise, check if this is a method call
(if (string= "f" type)
(let ((call-args (cee--method-call candidate)))
(push-mark (point) t)
(goto-char (search-backward "("))
(cee--show-arg-list "("
(mapcar (lambda (c) (concat (first c) " " (second c))) call-args)
", " ")")
(delete-region (1- (search-forward "(")) (mark t)))
;; Otherwise, just delete the doc string
(cee--delete-backward " : "))))))
(add-hook 'company-completion-finished-hook
(provide 'company-emacs-eclim)
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