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== In Git
== 0.4
=== New features
* company mode completion can be case insensitive
== 0.3
=== New Features
* organize imports
* browsing with the class hierarchy
* override / implement methods
* display problems
* run Ant targets
* run Maven phases and goals
* automatic refresh of the problems buffer
* file-filter for the problems buffer
* interface improvements for the problems buffer
* improved mechanisms for calling the eclim server
* rename/refactor in java code works as expected
* functions for find declarations and refrences of java methods and members
* Error highlighting in code
* Support for auto-complete-mode
* eclimd module to start/stop eclimd from emacs
* Generation of getter and setter methods.
* User commands for adding, listing and removing project natures.
* Running all JUnit tests project or in a class or just the test method at point
* additional info in modeline about errors and warnings
* added support for scala completion
=== Bugfixes
* removed extra parentheses around function
* fixed a problem on startup when the eclimd server was not started
* bugfix in call to eclim-call-process
* Added a new directory for eclipse (may only be Arch linux specific)
* Changed eclim--project-name to get the project name out of eclipse
than futz with matching dir names to workspace names.
* Added eclim-eclipse-dirs which can be used if eclipse is not
installed in the standard location
* Changed eclim--project-name to get the project name out of
project_by_resource command, and eclim--project-current-file to use
project_link_resource command, so that external source files not in the
eclipse working directory are correctly handled.
* fixed a problem with highlighting when files are in directories that are symbolic links
* Make the project major modes adhere to emacs major mode conventions
* fixed a problem with company-sort-by-occurrence when using company-mode
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