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1 parent fbc5e41 commit 3eeba582914479ce2fd129e62e88921477f9f4ac @fred-o fred-o committed Apr 30, 2012
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  2. +0 −109 vendor/decompile.el
@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@
;;* Eclim Java
(require 'json)
-(require 'decompile)
(define-key eclim-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-e s") 'eclim-java-method-signature-at-point)
(define-key eclim-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-e f d") 'eclim-java-find-declaration)
@@ -1,109 +0,0 @@
-(defconst jdc-source-extension ".java"
- "The extension which is used for the generated java files.")
-(defconst jdc-object-extension ".class"
- "The extension to look for, if a file is to be decompiled on the fly.")
-(defconst jdc-object-extension-pattern "\\.class$"
- "The extension to look for, if a file is to be decompiled on the fly.")
-(defgroup jdc nil
- "A Java object file (suffix of '.class') may be
-opened up with Emacs, and automatically decompiled into understandable
-Java source. This uses an external decompilation tool, such as Jad."
- :tag "Java Decompilation"
- :group 'jde
- :prefix "jdc-")
-(defcustom jdc-command "jad"
- "The name of the decompiler if it's on your path, otherwise a full
-qualified path to it. The decompilation elisp glue code assumes that
-the decompiler tool takes a file name as a last argument."
- :tag "Decompiler command"
- :group 'jdc
- :type 'string)
-(defcustom jdc-parameter '("-space"
- "-t4"
- "-lnc"
- "-b"
- "-p"
- "-dead"
- "-ff"
- "-i"
- "-l60"
- "-nl")
- "Extra parameters which should be added to the call of the
-decompiler. Add one switch per entry. If you try to put multiple
-options into one line, then the options will be passed to the
-decompiler as a single option, spaces and all. If your decompiler
-requires a switch to output the Java source text to standared out,
-then make sure it is entered here."
- :tag "Command line options"
- :group 'jdc
- :type '(repeat string)
- )
-(defcustom jdc-create-source-file-p nil
- "Create a modifible source buffer. If this is non-nil, then the
-buffer is set up as a Java source file that can be saved to file, with
-or without modification. If this is nil, then the buffer is a
-read-only source view of the original file. The read only file can
-still be written to another file location."
- :tag "Create source buffer"
- :group 'jdc
- :type 'boolean)
-(defun jdc-make-source-name (name-with-class-suffix)
- "If a strings ends with '.class', return it with '.java' as the
-suffix. Otherwise the string is unchanged. The actual suffix is
-controlled by jdc-extenstion"
- (if (string-match jdc-object-extension-pattern name-with-class-suffix)
- (replace-match (concat jdc-source-extension) nil nil name-with-class-suffix)
- name-with-class-suffix))
-(defun jdc-buffer ()
- "Construct the command for decompiling a class file, call the resulting
-command and load the decompiled file."
- (let ((temp-file-name (concat temporary-file-directory (make-temp-name "jdc") jdc-object-extension))
- (orig-buffer-name (buffer-name))
- (orig-file-name (buffer-file-name)))
- (progn
- (write-file temp-file-name)
- (apply 'call-process-region
- (point-min)
- (point-max)
- jdc-command
- t
- t
- nil
- (append jdc-parameter (list temp-file-name)))
- (if jdc-create-source-file-p
- (progn
- (set-visited-file-name (jdc-make-source-name orig-file-name))
- (let ((new-buffer-name (jdc-make-source-name orig-buffer-name)))
- (condition-case nil
- (rename-buffer new-buffer-name)
- (error (rename-buffer new-buffer-name t)))))
- (progn
- (set-visited-file-name nil)
- (rename-buffer orig-buffer-name)
- (setq buffer-read-only t)
- (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
- (java-mode)))
- (delete-file temp-file-name))))
-;; a hook to be able to automatically decompile-find-file .class files
- 'find-file-hooks
- (lambda ()
- (cond ((string-match jdc-object-extension-pattern (buffer-file-name))
- (jdc-buffer)))))
-(add-hook 'archive-extract-hooks
- (lambda ()
- (cond ((string-match jdc-object-extension-pattern (buffer-file-name))
- (jdc-buffer)))))
-(provide 'decompile)

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