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This page summarizes where this project is heading to. If you have suggestions or feature requests, you would like to see in future releases, feel free to either send senny or fred-o a message on github, or open an issue in the tracker.

Release 0.1

Though emacs-eclim hasn’t had an official stable release yet, it is already quite usable for day-to-day (java) work. However, the project has now matured enough that we should soon make a baseline stable release.

What’s working right now

  • Project management
    • create / delete – projects
    • import existing projects
    • open / close / update – created projects
    • eclim project buffer
  • Java code completion
    • emacs completion
    • company-mode support
    • auto-complete support
  • Java code browsing
    • class hierarchy
    • visit class at point
    • find method/variable/class references
    • find method/variable/class declaration
  • Errors in java code
    • list errors and warnings in the error buffer
    • the ability to render the eclim errors list into a proper emacs errors buffer
    • highlighting of errors/warnings in code
  • Handling java imports
    • import missing classes
    • remove unused import statements

What’s missing


Release 0.2

As noted in Issue #29, eclim will move to JSON as its response format, which requires some work to emacs-eclim. There is currently a development branch up. Contributions are welcome.

Further work

Work on emacs-eclim has generally followed the principle of scratching one’s itch, i.e. focusing on the features that the authors needed for daily work. This means that there are several areas that are outright missing from the implementation:

Better documentation

Setting up eclim and emacs is not rocket science, but not exactly foolproof either. We need better documentation in this wiki and in the code. It would also be great if there was a help screen displayed in emacs assisting the user with setup, if for example the eclim installation cannot be found.

Ant support

It would be nice to be able to run ant targets from inside emacs, although other plugins might accomplish this better.

Maven support

The ability to execute maven goals from inside emacs. As with the Ant support, there might be other plugins that does this better.

Support for other languages

Since both eclipse and eclim supports other languages than Java, we should be able to add support for:

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • XML (nxml-mode is great, but does not handle things like multiple schemas in the same document)
  • C/C++

JDK management