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openSenseMap API

This repository contains the code of the openSenseMap API, which is the HTTP REST API used by https://opensensemap.org running at https://api.opensensemap.org. To get more information about openSenseMap and senseBox visit the before mentioned links or have a look at this video, read the API docs or the openSenseMap chapter in our books. openSenseMap is part of the senseBox project.

Originally, this API has been built as part of the bachelor thesis of @mpfeil at the ifgi (Institute for Geoinformatics, WWU Münster) and is currently maintained by @ubergesundheit.

You'll find that the repostiory uses yarn workspaces to separate the API and the database models for reuse in other projects. While the API is not published on npm, the package @sensebox/opensensemap-api-models is published from packages/models folder.


Configuration of both the api and the models is done using mechanisms provided by lorenwest/node-config. You can find an annotated example configuration with all keys in config/config.example.json.


  • Have Node.js v8, yarn, Docker and docker-compose installed
  • Start your development database (docker-compose up -d db)
  • Check out development branch (git checkout development)
  • Run yarn install
  • Create your own branch git checkout -b my-awesome-branch
  • Commit your changes to your branch and push it to your fork
  • Create a pull request against the development branch


Running Tests

You can run the tests in containers using Docker and docker-compose.

# Run this the first time or every time you change dependencies in package.json
yarn install
yarn test build

yarn test

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  • master (runs in production)
    • Is used for container build tags
  • development (runs on testing server)
    • Bleeding edge and possibly unstable development version
  • gh-pages

Tags and Versions

Git Tags are used for Docker hub builds (like v1). Version number is increased by one for each new version. Docker images are built automatically by the Docker hub for all tags starting with v

Development container images

Every commit on branch development will be built with the tag development.

Versioned container images

  • Check out master branch
  • Go to root directory
  • Run tests
  • Optional: Build docker image locally
  • Commit everything needed for the container image
  • Run yarn tag-container
  • Run git push origin master


MIT - Matthias Pfeil 2015 - now