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  1. WG4_WG1_Uncertainty_training WG4_WG1_Uncertainty_training Public

    MATLAB 2 1

  2. S3_loader S3_loader Public

    Forked from Prikaziuk/S3_loader

    Automatization of ESA Sentinel-3 images query and download


  3. WG1-closing-scaling-gap-in-remotesensing-data WG1-closing-scaling-gap-in-remotesensing-data Public

    This repository contains codes and techniques relevant to managing scaling issues in data

  4. WG2-scaling-temporal-gap-in-phenological-timeseries WG2-scaling-temporal-gap-in-phenological-timeseries Public

    This repository deals with new and existing solutions for reducing or interpolating temporal gap in phenological data


  5. WG4-estabilishing-data-quality WG4-estabilishing-data-quality Public

    This repository deals with statistical solutions for improving uncertainties arising from field instruments and maintaining quality of measurements


  6. WG3-sensor-synergies-in-spectral-domains WG3-sensor-synergies-in-spectral-domains Public

    This repository involves processing of spectral signals from different in-situ and optical sensors used in ecosystem studies


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