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1. Name


2. Author

Haroon Meer

3. License, version & release date

License : GPLv2
Version : v1.0
Release Date : Unknown

4. Description

A while back antirez, in a post to Bugtraq, detailed a new Tcp portscan method. This method allows one to portscan a host, using spoofed packets, while remaining totally invisible to the scanned host < almost as if u had a 6th sense ;) >. The details of the scan (almost totally stolen from antirez's original post) works as follows...

(A) When an open tcp port recieves a SYN, it replies with a SYN|ACK When a closed tcp port recieves a SYN, it replies with a RST|ACK

(B) When a host recieves an unknown SYN|ACK, it replies with a RST
When a host recieves an unknown RST, it replies with nothing

(C) You can tell the number of packets a host is sending by reading the ID value in the ip header

What this means....
We send 4 packets to our dummy host, to port 0, with no tcp flags set, and make a note of the incoming ip id's

Scanning Dumb Host (for Dumbness)

If the incoming id's do not show a consistent increase, the host is not dumb enough to suit our purposes, and the scan aborts.
If the incoming id's show a constant single increment, then it is safe to assume that the dummy host is not actively talking/communicating to any other host (at this point in time) We then send a spoofed packet (SYN) to our target host, on our target port, on behalf of our Dummy.

We Have a consistant 1 increment host

Injecting Spoofed Packet

and once more track the incoming ip id's


Now, if the target port was closed, it would have replied with a RST, < as mentioned in (A) earlier > and our Dummy would have responded with nothing < as mentioned in B > But, if the target port was open, it would have replied with a SYN|ACK (A), causing our Dummy to reply with a RST. Dummy's ip id count, will now increase, as it has been forced into conversation with Target.

Yup looks like 22 is open on 196.10.XXX.38

5. Usage

Usage -d < dumb_host > -t < target > -s < start port > -f < Final port > -i < interface >

6. Requirements

Net::RawIP, run ==> perl -MCPAN -e shell ==> install

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