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by Keiran Dennie


The requests_ntlm and beautifulsoup4 libraries are required. Use the following command to install these with pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt


SPartan is a Frontpage and Sharepoint fingerprinting and attack tool. Features:

  • Sharepoint and Frontpage fingerprinting
  • Management of Friendly 404s
  • Default Sharepoint and Frontpage file and folder enumeration
  • Active Directory account enumeration
  • Download interesting files and documents, including detection of uninterpreted ASP and ASPX
  • Search for keywords in identified pages
  • Saves state from previous scans
  • Site crawling
  • Accepts NTLM creds and session cookies for authenticated scans


Some information needed for SPartan Usage:

python -u -f -c Note: You need to add 'http(s)://' to the URL

  • -u: host URL to scan including HTTP/HTTPS
  • -c: crawl the site for links (CTRL-C to stop crawling)
  • -f: perform frontpage scans
  • -k: scrape identified pages for keywords (works well with crawl)
  • -s: perform sharepoint scans
  • --sps: discover sharepoint SOAP services
  • --users: List users using Search Principals
  • -r: (COMING SOON)execute a specified Frontpage RPC query
  • -t: set maximum amount of threads (10 default)
  • -p: (COMING SOON)find putable directories)
  • --cookie: "use a cookie for authenticated scans
  • -d: download pdf, doc, docx, txt, config, xml, xls, xlsx, webpart, config, conf, stp, csv and asp/aspx(uninterpreted)
  • -l: provide credentials for authentication to Sharepoint e.g., domain\user:password
  • -v: Render verbose output. By default SPartan will only render found resources.
  • -i: Don't attempt to verify SSL


SPartan by SensePost is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License ( Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at us/.


Frontpage and Sharepoint fingerprinting and attack tool.



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