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1. Name


2. Author

Gareth M. Phillips

3. License, version & release date

License : GPLv3
Version : v1.0
Release Date : 2006/07/07

4. Description

Scully is a client interface to MSSQL and MySQL database servers. No more need for MSSQL/MySQL client libraries to be installed and no more need to setup an ODBC connection either. Simply add IP/Hostname, username, password, port and database name and SQL away.

Scully also performs password brute forcing for MySQL and MSSQL, by clicking "Brute Force" a little window pops out and you simply provide a server,username, port and specify MySQL/MSSQL, then you also provide a txt file list of passwords and click "Start". Scully will quickly attempt to brute force the correct password, one also has the option to set "debug" to view the progress of the brute force.

5. Requirements

.NET framework