GUI for cleaning out evercookie persistence locations.
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#1. Name Never Ever Cookie #2. Author Dominic White < dominic(at)sensepost(dot)com >
Willem Mouton (GUI) < >
#3. License, version & release date License : GPLv3
Version : v1.0
Release Date : 2010/19/13

#4. Description ##4.1 Evercookie bash prototype In order to hard clear all the WebKit datastores, including normal cookies, I put the following quick script together (you'll need a JailBroken iPhone). It will iterate through all WebKit databases, including MobileSafari's and clear out the evercookie. You'll need to close (not suspend) all apps running WebKit for this to be effective (the evercookie reloads itself in seconds if they're open). Note, it produces ugly output, and prompts before you delete files, but I wanted some visibility into who is storing what where. The first run deleted over 30 cookies in various places.

##4.2 Never Ever Cookie

  • Deletes normal/HTML5/Flash/Silverlight "cookies"
  • Can prevent setting of future Flash & Silverlight objects
  • Currently only supports OSX & Safari

#5. Requirements JailBroken iPhone (for script)
Java (for GUI)

#6. Additional Resources