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@leonjza leonjza released this Oct 19, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release


  • Add a libboringssl SSL pinning bypass for iOS 11+ (thanks @NickstaDB via #281)
  • Multiple Android APK patcher improvements which include better support for Kotlin coroutines, a flag to use aapt2 with apktool and better error handling. (thanks @dnet via #282, #283 and #284)
  • Add the ability to watch a specific Java method overload, or set a return value for a specific method overload (thanks @aph3rson via #239)
  • Add a new iOS command to dump raw, unparsed and unformatted data from the keychain. This is available as the ios keychain dump_raw command and should be used in conjunction with the original dump command to make sure no parsing errors have occurred.
  • Add a new file cat command that will perform cat-like activities, added for convenience. Only ASCII printable characters in the target file will be echoed to screen. For any other processing, files should still be downloaded and processed locally.
  • Add new Frida hook generator commands to quickly get ready to use, boilerplate code for your own Frida hooks. Two flavours are available; a simple and class version. The version you choose will depend on your use case, so feel free to experiment!
  • Completely refactor SQLite database interactions, removing the old implementation and replacing it with LiteCli. Running the sqlite connect database.sqlite command will now automatically drop you into a litecli REPL. If you want to make changed to the target database, add the --sync flag. This way, once you quit from the litecli REPL, the modified database will be synchronized back to the device.


  • Improve RPC messaging from the JavaScript agent to the Python environment.


  • Update the Frida agent's dependencies, bumping @types/frida-gum to version 14.

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