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===================  VideoRecOSC  ==================
=========== (c) 2012 - Marije Baalman ==============
================== ==================

VideoRecOSC is a small program that records video from
either a camera image or a video file, and is controlled
via OSC. Updates of the frame counts and current filename
are sent out via OSC.
This tool was created in order to be able to synchronise
video and sensor data recording.

The program is based on the libraries
OpenCV -
liblo  -

================== Build ================

To build the application you need cmake.

You build it by doing:

$ mkdir build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ sudo make install

================== Startup ================

videorecosc <device or file> <outputfilename> <target_port> <recv_port> <target_ip>

The defaults are:

device 0
outputfilename "test"
target_port 57120 (to send to)
recv_port   57151 (to listen on)
target_ip   ""

Devices are indicated using a single digit number
Videofiles are indicated by their pathname

================= HOT KEYS ================
ESC - quit
r   - start/stop recording
=================== OSC ===================

OSC messages it understands:

    /videorec/record  -i- start/stop recording
    /videorec/quit   -- quit application

OSC messages it sends:
    All the parameter messages (as confirmation of setting and in reply to info)

	/videorec/started     --    application has started

	/videorec/frame 			-i- 		- frame number
	/videorec/record/start 	-s- 	   - filename
	/videorec/record/stop  	-s- 	   - filename	

   /motiontrackosc/quit     -s-    application has quit

=========== SuperCollider ========

VideoRecOSC is distributed with an example file for SuperCollider.

============ ChangeLog ===========

23/11/2012 - v0.1 - first release

============ Acknowledgement ==============

This software was created while working on the Juggling Ball project for STEIM, Amsterdam (

============ License ==============

This software is published under the GNU/General Public License, version 3. This license is included in the file COPYING.
Documentation is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, see

============ Notes =================

[1] From Jochen Otto, Sept. 19, 2009

The changes in OS X 10.6 basically broke OpenCV's Quicktime/Carbon GUI  

There is a workaround which allows building OpenCV on 64bit  
architecture, however, without any QT/Carbon support.

See here on the issue:

A ticket is filed at OpenCV on Sourceforge, too:


OSC controllable video recorder







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