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This is a simple Node-Red node to read and write a single local sqlite database.

This is based on the SQLite node - node-red-node-sqlite.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install

npm install SenseTecnic/sts-node-red-contrib-litedb --build-from-source

The `--build-from-source' option will ensure the SQLite file size is limited and PRAGMA sql statements are disabled in SQLite.


Allows basic access to a single Sqlite database file.

This node uses the db.all operation against the configured database. This does allow INSERTS, UPDATES and DELETES.

Note that PRAGMA statements are NOT permitted; an error will be reported.

By it's very nature it is SQL injection... so be careful out there...

msg.topic must hold the query for the database, and the result is returned in msg.payload.

Typically the returned payload will be an array of the result rows, (or an error).

The reconnect timeout in milliseconds can be changed by adding a line to settings.js

litedbReconnectTime: 20000,

The file to use for the single database (relative to the user directory) can be set by adding the following line somewhere in settings.js.

litedbFileName: "litedb",