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A mountebank API client for the Go programming language.


go get -u


This package includes both unit and integration tests. Use the unit and integration targets in the Makefile to run them, respectively:

make unit
make integration

The integration tests expect Docker to be available on the host, using it to run a local mountebank container at localhost:2525, with the additional ports 8080-8081 exposed for test imposters. Currently tested against a mountebank v2.1.2 instance using the andyrbell/mountebank image on DockerHub.


  • Fork the repository.
  • Code your changes.
  • If applicable, add tests and/or documentation.
  • Please ensure all unit and integration tests are passing, and that all code passes make lint.
  • Raise a new pull request with a short description of your changes.
  • Use the following convention for branch naming: <username>/<description-with-dashes>. For instance, smotes/add-smtp-imposters.