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We design and sell products that turn messy information into valuable data. Also see Previously:


  1. databaker Public

    Command line tool to convert spreadsheets to databases, made for the UK's Office for National Statistics.

    Jupyter Notebook 72 13

  2. xypath Public

    Navigating around a grid of cells like XPath for spreadsheets; supports Python 3.5+

    Python 43 6

  3. A fast (5x) string keyed read-only map for Go - particularly good for keys using a small set of nearby runes.

    Go 27 2

  4. hookbot Public

    Turn webhooks into websockets

    Go 36 7

  5. hanoverd Public

    Docker handover daemon - the `docker replace` you always wanted

    Go 20 8

  6. ScraperWiki Python library for scraping and saving data

    Python 152 67



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