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WARNING: This bundle does not support Symfony 4. Symfony Flex is a total replacement for this bundle.

SensioDistributionBundle provides useful developer features that can be re-used amongst several Symfony Distributions.

Composer Hooks

The bundle hooks up into the Composer process to automate the following actions when running an install or an update:

  • Update the bootstrap.php.cache file (and clears the cache);
  • Install the assets under the web root directory;
  • Update the requirements file.


The bundle includes the SensioLabs Security Checker. When included in a Symfony application, the check is available:

// In Symfony 2.x
$ ./app/console security:check

// As of Symfony 2.8 and 3.x
$ ./bin/console security:check


To contribute to this bundle, you just need a GitHub account. If you need some help to start, you can check the Symfony guidelines and code style conventions. Bug fixes should be submitted against the 4.0 branch when possible, and new features are accepted on master only.

Pull requests are welcome!