Checksums for releases managed by fabpot (EXPERIMENTAL)
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SensioLabs Checksums (experimental)

This repository contains signed SHA1 for all releases made by Open-Source projects managed by SensioLabs.

You can use these SHA1 to validate the libraries you installed via a Github ZIP file or via Composer.

To check all dependencies installed by Composer, clone this repository and run the script:


It will output something along the lines of:

symfony/swiftmailer-bundle@v2.2.6                        OK  files signature
symfony/symfony@v2.5.2                                   KO  files signature
twig/extensions@v1.0.1                                   OK  files signature
twig/twig@v1.15.0                                        OK  files signature
white-october/pagerfanta-bundle@dev-master               --  unknown package
willdurand/hateoas@1.0.x-dev                             --  unknown package

 1 packages are potentially corrupted.
 Check that you did not add/modify/delete some files.

You can also check a directory manually by following the following steps. As an example, let's say I have a project using Symfony 2.4.2 (you can check the version installed by Composer by running composer show -i). The sha1s for this specific version are available here:

This file is signed, so you first need to verify it:

$ curl -O
$ gpg --verify v2.4.2.txt


The key used to sign the sha1 files is 0xeb8aa69a566c0795

Now, you can check the validity of the files you downloaded:

$ cd PATH/TO/vendor/symfony/symfony
$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 shasum | shasum

The sha1 displayed should match the one from the file you've just downloaded (the one under the files_sha1 entry.)