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Yii widget of Lightbox 2 script
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For install lyiightbox you have only to copy his files in /protected/extensions/lyiightbox folder.

To use this widget you can call it setting some parametes. If you want, you can also hide some images with "visible" option. By default visible is set on true. And if you want, you can group images with 'group' value. By default this value is 'default'
            $this->widget('ext.lyiightbox.LyiightBox2', array(
                'thumbnail' => '/path/to/thumb/images.jpg',
                'image' => '/path/to/image/image.jpg',
                'title' => 'Sample Image 1.',
		'visible' => true,
		'group' => 'myOwnGallery'

Since version 1.1 where added a new feature: gallery. By default, you have to put your images in /images/galleryii/ folder. Thumbnail will be placed in /images/galleryii/thumbnails folder. Big images where be placed in /images/galleryii/images folder. Thumb, and image, must have the same filename.

If you want, you can configure this new feature. Maybe you need to place your gallery in a different place!
	$this->widget('ext.lyiightbox.Galleryii', array(
		'rootFolder' => '/place/of/gallery', // by default '';
		'baseFolder' => '/images/galleryii', // by default '/images/galleryii';
		'thumbnails' => '/thumbnails',	     // by default '/thumbnails';
		'images' => '/images'		     // by default '/images';
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