BeaconPlayback tool for Windows 10
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BeaconPlayback for Windows 10

This tool can be used to emit a sequence of beacon events. The main purpose of the tool is to ease testing of the applications that listen to Ble beacons.

BeaconPlayback running on Windows 

BeaconPlayback supports two different modes: local and remote. In the local mode, a list of the beacons is loaded from the JSON file in the application. In the remote mode, a list of beacon events is downloaded from the server.

Local mode

In the local mode repeat count, beacons, signal duration and a delay before the next event are specified in the JSON file.

Sample JSON file for the local mode:

{"settings": {"mode":"local", "repeat": 2},
    {"id1":"43676723-7400-0000-ffff-0000ffff0007", "id2":"24888", "id3":"23777", "duration":2,"sleep":1,},
    {"id1":"43676723-7400-0000-ffff-0000ffff0007", "id2":"24888", "id3":"23777", "duration":2,"sleep":1,}
Element Value/Values Document
mode remote/local Indicates if the settings file is for local or remote mode. Local settings file needs to include events element
repeat > 0 How many times the beacon sequence is replayed
events > 0 objects Each event object needs to have id1, id2, id3, duration and sleep attributes
duration > 0 Duration in seconds
sleep > 0 Seconds before the next event

Remote mode

In the remote mode, settings file just tells from where to download the list of beacon events.

Example of the settings file:

{"settings": {"mode":"remote", "url": ""}}

The JSON file on the server contains the list of the events:

{"settings": {"repeat": 2},
    {"id1":"43676723-7400-0000-ffff-0000ffff0007", "id2":"24888", "id3":"23777", "duration":2,"sleep":1,},
    {"id1":"43676723-7400-0000-ffff-0000ffff0007", "id2":"24888", "id3":"23777", "duration":2,"sleep":1,}

If the repeat mode is set on in the application, then when the new repeat round starts client checks if the file on the server has been updated.