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The Squirrel Cafe - An Internet Connected Feeder

A project to validate the following assumption:

"The amount of nuts taken by squirrels from a squirrel feeder correlates with upcoming winter weather conditions significantly."

The IoT Squirrel Feeder's homepage:

Feeder Wiring:


Currently, I'm using a Logitech C270 USB webcam to capture photos of the squirrels at the nut feeder. Therefore you need to install a USB Webcam package. I've opted for the 'fswebcam' package.

sudo apt-get install fswebcam

Useful shell commands

A 'live' view of a logfile: tail -f /logs/feeder.log

Start a vncserver: vncserver :1

Start in the background: python &

List 'feeder' processes running on the system: ps aux | grep feeder

Kill process by PID: kill PID or kill KILL PID

Useful Weblinks

@reboot sudo sh /home/pi/peanut/ >/home/pi/peanut/logs/cronlog.log 2>&1

You don't need this crontab entry, if you have implemented the restart script on exceptions as described below.

*/5 * * * * pgrep -f -u root || /home/pi/peanut/ >/home/pi/peanut/logs/cronlog.log 2>&1


The IoT Squirrel Feeder



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