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# This demo shows how to program signal generation and spectrum sensing tasks
# in advance. This allows experimenter to set up multiple nodes in the testbed
# to perform simultaneous tasks.
import logging
import time
from vesna import alh
from vesna.alh.signalgenerator import SignalGenerator, SignalGeneratorProgram
from vesna.alh.spectrumsensor import SpectrumSensor, SpectrumSensorProgram
def main():
# Turn on logging so that we can see ALH requests happening in the
# background.
coor = alh.ALHWeb("", 10001)
# Nodes 16 and 17 are equipped with an 2.4 GHz tranceiver (CC2500 on
# SNE-ISMTV-24) that is capable of transmitting and receiving on the
# 2.4 GHz ISM band.
node16 = alh.ALHProxy(coor, 16)
node17 = alh.ALHProxy(coor, 17)
# We will use node 16 as a signal generator. We wrap its ALHProxy
# object with a SignalGenerator object for convenience.
generator = SignalGenerator(node16)
# Set up a transmission configuration for 2.425 GHz and 0 dBm
generator_config_list = generator.get_config_list()
tx_config = generator_config_list.get_tx_config(2425e6, 0)
if tx_config is None:
raise Exception("Node can not scan specified frequency range.")
# We will use node 17 as a spectrum sensor. Again, we wrap it with a
# SpectrumSensor object for convenience.
sensor = SpectrumSensor(node17)
# We set up a frequency sweep configuration covering 2.40 GHz to 2.45
# GHz band with 400 kHz steps.
sensor_config_list = sensor.get_config_list()
sweep_config = sensor_config_list.get_sweep_config(2400e6, 2450e6, 400e3)
if sweep_config is None:
raise Exception("Node can not scan specified frequency range.")
# Take note of current time.
now = time.time()
# SignalGeneratorProgram and SpectrumSensorProgram objects allow us to
# program signal generation and spectrum sensing tasks in advance.
# In this case, we setup a signal generation task using the
# configuration we prepared above starting 10 seconds from now and
# lasting for 20 seconds.
# Similarly for spectrum sensing, we setup a task using frequency sweep
# we prepared above starting 5 seconds from now and lasting for 30
# seconds. Results of the measurement will be stored in slot 4.
generator_program = SignalGeneratorProgram(tx_config, now + 10, 20)
sensor_program = SpectrumSensorProgram(sweep_config, now + 5, 30, 4)
# Now actually send instructions over the management network to nodes
# in the testbed.
# Query the spectrum sensing node and wait until the task has been
# completed.
while not sensor.is_complete(sensor_program):
print "waiting..."
# Retrieve spectrum sensing results. This might take a while since the
# management mesh network is slow.
result = sensor.retrieve(sensor_program)
# Write results into a CSV file.