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  1. workshop

    Example content and documentation for the Sensor Lab "From Signal to Visual" workshop


  2. sensorbridge-client

    Client application that connects to the sensor bridge and records/serves the data

    C++ 1 1

  3. sensorbridge

    Firmware and layout files for the sensor bridge board

    Eagle 1

  4. videowall-server

    This is the code that drives the video wall in the Sensor Lab event space. It's using WS2812b leds driven by the OctoWS2811 LED Library running on two Teensy 3.2 boards both by Paul J. Stoffregen.

    Java 2 1

  5. videowall-processing-library

    Processing library to stream content from a Processing sketch to the Sensor Lab video wall

    Java 2

  6. videowall-firmware

    Firmware for the Sensor Lab video wall


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