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Date range picker component for the modern web
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Demo screenshot

Demo available here

Notable Features

  • Day / Week / Month / Quarter / Year calendar modes
  • Single calendar mode
  • Customazible & extendable
  • Integration with jQuery & Knockout


  • jquery
  • moment
  • knockout


Documentation & Examples are available on our website.


Latest Release


bower install knockout-daterangepicker --save


With jQuery

  minDate: moment().subtract(2, 'years'),
  callback: function (startDate, endDate, period) {
    $(this).val(startDate.format('L') + '' + endDate.format('L'));

With Knockout.js

<input type="text" data-bind="daterangepicker: dateRange"/>
  dateRange: ko.observable([moment().subtract(1, 'month'), moment()])


git clone && cd daterangepicker
npm install && bower install
gulp serve


Copyright © 2015 SensorTower Inc. See LICENSE for further details.

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