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Contributing Here

Thank you for wanting to contribute back to the Sensu Community. Here are a few guidelines to follow to open an issue here:

  1. All contributors are expected to read and follow our code of conduct. Anyone can reach out to administrators at if needed.
  2. This repository is designed to be an aggregator of resources for our community. Feel free to extend that idea through new documents or suggestions. We welcome your creativity.

Contributing to the Plugins & Extensions organizations

We need participation like yours in order to maintain the massive number of plugins and extensions that make Sensu an amazing project. Our ambitious goal is to:

  • Have at least 2 organizational-wide maintainers at all times
  • Have at least 1 subject matter expert (SME) on each plugin
  • Have visibility into maintainer's work through dashboards, monitoring and other infrastructure

We are at a great growth point in our community where there's room for SMEs to participate and it's as easy as jumping in. All community members are asked to start by troubleshooting open issues and review pull request. If you do both of these behaviors frequently, we'd love for you to open an Issue here mentioning your interest in being a maintainer.

How do I know I'm ready?

If you find yourself regularly commenting on open issues, reviewing pull requests and helping answer questions on Slack or Google Groups, you're ready. If I had to be more formal about it, I'd say does the following description sound like you?

Maintainers are asked to help by:

  • Weighing in on key initiatives
  • Participation on issues/pull requests
  • Providing feedback to guidelines
  • Being a leader: raising up important opportunities, prioritize less important ones
  • Sharing your expertise

Maintainers are NOT expected to be:

  • Sensu Experts: not everyone knows everything about Sensu. You will definitely learn by volunteering 😄
  • Open Source experts: we're all learning by doing here and will mentor you on git/GitHub
  • On call or under a SLA: these are volunteer roles. Letting other maintainers know when you're too busy to participate is appreciated, but daily participation is not expected
  • Participating forever: we love when you have the time to participate and understand when you no longer have that time. Give back while you can and rest assured that we'll take it back over when you get busy

Maintainers get:

  • Unique opportunities to influence the project
  • Exclusive channels of communication to grow your Sensu expertise
  • Access to paid tools as needed for us to succeed as maintainers
  • An expert partner in community management (from code management to people management)
  • Mentorship, as requested, in public speaking, blogging, and social media
  • Priority opportunities to speak, blog and participate with Sensu Inc
  • Tons of guidelines that will make your work easier
  • To hangout with a lovely bunch of peers who are sharing in the #monitoringlove ✌️

Where else can I help?

Contributing is about more than code. We will always need more help keeping up with the ever-evolving documentation around Sensu. That comes in the official form of the Sensu Docs repo and in the unofficial form of blog posts and testimonials. If you are willing to share your story, email! We love to read whatever you have to share, especially if its:

  • Deployment stories that get into the weeds of how and why you use Sensu
  • Migration stories of how and why you switched to Sensu
  • Unique ways you rollout Sensu using other technology
  • Any stories that highlight features, from contact routing to proxy clients to check hooks

Thank You

We ❤️ your participation and appreciate the unique perspective you bring to our community. Keep sharing in the #monitoringlove.

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