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This plugin provides native CPU instrumentation for monitoring and metrics collection, including: CPU usage and metrics for user, nice, system, idle, iowait, irq, softirq, steal, and guest.
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Sensu Asset

The Sensu assets packaged from this repository are built against the Sensu ruby runtime environment. When using these assets as part of a Sensu Go resource (check, mutator or handler), make sure you include the corresponding Sensu ruby runtime asset in the list of assets needed by the resource. The current ruby-runtime assets can be found here in the Bonsai Asset Index.



  • bin/check-cpu.rb
  • bin/
  • bin/metrics-cpu-mpstat.rb
  • bin/metrics-cpu-pcnt-usage.rb
  • bin/metrics-numastat.rb
  • bin/metrics-user-pct-usage.rb



Installation and Setup


The shell script in this repository requires the bc utility to be installed and available in the executable path. This shell script is not installed when using the Ruby gem or Sensu asset derived from this repository.

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