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@nikkixdev nikkixdev released this Jul 23, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


45eaac0 Bump the changelog for 0.2.0 release
4741a6f Merge pull request #23 from nixwiz/loginauth
55b6140 Change useLoginAuth to enableLoginAuth and fix error message to match new argument
3e6e2ba rename argument variable loginauth to useLoginAuth to clear up confusion with loginAuth type
1a1e318 Update main.go
7a1ca5d Added subjectTemplate config option for managing subject contents
5bfdee5 Enable annotations by adding pluginconfig keyspace, document annotation usage
020a742 added HTML email support
c0bd236 Added login auth support
ee77a45 Merge pull request #21 from sayakju/sensu-go-plugin-usage
7690346 Adding direct dependency on
83b2b85 Check if SmtpPort is out of uint16 range
b50784c Sensu go plugin integration
2e6f559 Using default smtp port as a variable
3a21953 Remove unnecessary dependency on "os" package from main.go
3acc9c9 Initial commit

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@nikkixdev nikkixdev released this Mar 4, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release


4a1d235 Bump changelog for 0.1.0 release
3191bbc Merge pull request #12 from nixwiz/add_environment_variables
b90c254 Merge branch 'master' into add_environment_variables
879c97a Merge pull request #15 from nixwiz/add_template_file
1a921af added template file
42f9b9c Change how Travis setups and runs goreleaser (#13)
41bb99f fix call to os.Getenv
26658b1 Added environment variables for SMTP username and password
48cfb8f Merge pull request #8 from nixwiz/rfc5322
dad4e8b Merge pull request #9 from sensu/update-bonsai-filters
c2ce3f9 Update filters in .bonsai.yml
a59e3d3 Added from address verification, RFC 5322 From: header
acc0907 Merge pull request #6 from sensu/cleanup
34f6277 Merge pull request #3 from nixwiz/add-insecure-email
1bc0dd1 fixed conditionals back to match the rest of the code, fixed msg buf
6dab6ce addressed pull request issue, fixing indent error flow issue
6cf7a36 addressed pull request issue, moved msg definition to address duplicity
357e561 Update main.go
ea96df2 Update main.go
fc78e6d Updates travis post deploy script, updates license file, and general cleanup.
adcab89 Update main.go
ebf9a68 Update main.go
448a41d Fix indent from merge conflict
d30704f Merge branch 'master' into add-insecure-email
78f5c0e Merge pull request #5 from nixwiz/add-hook-output
390276a updated changelog
0f75e78 added option to allow for check hook output in email body
dd79838 added option for insecure relays

Assets 22
Dec 12, 2018
Build 0.0.1
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